If you have ever been a group admin, you know how tedious it can be to lead an entire group. There is always a race to find the best medium to be able to talk to all the members of your group conveniently. Over the recent times, WhatsApp has become one of the most used mediums to talk to your group. There is hardly any person who has WhatsApp installed on their phone and isn’t a part of a group.

But you can’t use WhatsApp if you have more than 256 members!

Whatsapp group limit is 256 members. So what do you do if your group or organization is bigger than 256 members?

Take the following example into consideration –

Jerry is the class representative for a class of three hundred members. He is solely responsible for ensuring that important notices reach to every individual of his class. He starts using Whatsapp as a medium to be able to deliver the messages to everyone. Though what usually happens is that the notices he sends are lost into the conversations that are somehow always going on in the group. When it is a class of three hundred people, you can’t ask everyone to be silent and expect them to listen. Though an even bigger issue that he faces is that he has to message 44 students individually as Whatsapp doesn’t let you add more than 256 members in one group. Imagine the hassle! Messaging so many people individually can definitely become cumbersome for one individual.

Vemy acts as your savior here as it allows you to have an unlimited number of members. Not only that, you can create sub-groups as well to be able to send targeted messages.

Vemy doesn’t allow chatting in the group. Why?

Whatsapp has gained popularity over the recent years. Almost every class, NGO, company and every other organization out there has its own WhatsApp group that makes their phone buzz constantly with unnecessary photos and jokes. The real motive of the message is often lost between multiple conversations simultaneously going on in the group. The overall purpose is eventually diluted because of the same. It becomes extremely difficult for an admin to navigate the group when there are multiple conversations going on. Also, a number of members of the group suffer because of this as they lose out on important information without any fault of their own. Hence, Vemy decided to not have a chatting feature amongst members. The group can have multiple admins and only admins can send messages to the groups.

The Ideal Solution

Vemy provides the ideal solution for both of these issues as there is no limitation on the number of people you can add to the group. You can make as big a group you want without facing any issues while doing so. Also, one great plus point for Vemy is that you can categorize the members of the group as per your convenience.  If you are a tutor who teaches three different grades, you can make three different groups easily. So you can tell your students important information regarding their studies without it getting mixed up or lost. Also, thanks to the quick delivery you can ensure that even end moment changes are carried out properly.

Apart from letting you impart necessary information without it getting lost, Vemy provides you with a number of other features as well. One communication medium is never enough, you always need different mediums for different purposes. Vemy solves all your problems by combining the best of communication mediums at one platform. It allows you to create newsletters, carry out media sharing, and so much more! Live Streaming is that one feature that makes Vemy highly popular and loved among its users as it extremely smooth and efficient. Get yourself out of the hassles of Whatsapp and choose an app which makes your life easier rather than making it more complicated. Create your group on Vemy today for FREE. So what are you waiting for? Go visit www.vemy.co to get started!

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