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Managing your information- difficult or easy?

As an admin, what method do you choose to effectively manage the information of your members? If you are one of those admins who opt for the use of excel sheets, you know they can get pretty cumbersome to handle. Most of these kinds of software of sheets seem to be easy to handle but in reality, you need to work a lot when it comes to keeping them updated. An admin who has to spend a ton of time organizing and managing the information of every individual doesn’t want a software that makes his life tough, rather he wants a simple software that is interactive and gets the work done.


How do you resolve these issues?

The answer to your problems is Vemy. It is a free management software that definitely makes your life easier. Vemy allows you to maintain the entire information of your members, no matter their volume. You can store all of your important details such as their phone numbers, their names, their emails, securely.If you have ever been an admin, you know how tiresome it is to accumulate the data of every member of your group and keep it safe. You would never want to do that again would do? But what do you do when all of your data disappears?

Luckily, Vemy always keeps a secure backup of your data so you needn’t worry about losing it due to any mishap. It allows you to create different groups and tag members to these. For example- If you run and manage a Strata you would obviously want to create different groups for the different occupants and owners. Vemy allows you to easily create different groups containing different members. You can send information that is essential to them and not the others.

Vemy advantages

Free Communication


Nowadays, most of the work is done on smartphones. Vemy offers a free app for iOS and Android that is easy to download and install. It allows group members to receive information updates from the admin of the group. There is no charge for sending the messages. As a result, this app doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. In the case of the strata, the admin can send information of different sorts compiling updates, photos, messages, etc. Vemy is loved by all admins and group members as it ensures privacy and focuses on important information. So what are you waiting for? Go create your group on Vemy for FREE. Visit to get started!


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