Pitfall of Whatsapp groups

Don’t you hate it when you get bombarded with unwanted marketing calls? It so often happens that people are bombarded with messages from people trying to flirt, mostly creating a nuisance. People try to be funny by pranking you and bombarding you with jokes, but in reality, it is just plain annoying. No one likes to be woken up before their alarm rings to some random phone number asking them to make a business deal or purchase a product.


How many groups are you a part of on WhatsApp? Do you know that your contact number is not hidden from the other members of the group? Look at the screenshot from WhatsApp below. It clearly shows that any member of a WhatsApp group can see all the other members and their contact numbers.

How can Whatsapp group admin hide the contact numbers of the group members?

When you are part of a Friend and Family WhatsApp group, you don’t really care so much about your contact number being shared, however, you use WhatsApp for other groups as well. For example, you could be part of your office groups, gym groups, cycling group and this is where you want to make your number hidden. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you or the group admin to disable or hide the contact numbers.


Introducing Vemy – The platform that cares about Privacy

Vemy provides these organizations and admins with the ideal safe platform as it allows them to protect the privacy of their members. If you create a group on Vemy, you can protect the information of your members. The best part is that your contact information isn’t shared with anyone else.

Vemy is the perfect app to go for if you want to work with your entire team without breaching anyone’s privacy.


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