Benefit of polls and surveys to admins

Polls and surveys are the best way to get the public opinion. To begin with, these ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to voice their opinion. It is a democratic approach that ensures no one is treated unfairly. Also, you cannot go and take everyone’s opinion on a particular subject, it is extremely time-consuming and impractical. By using polls as a method for finding out the popular opinion among your group members, you ensure that no one is left out. Also, you get to understand what the people truly need. Not everyone is able to voice their opinion verbally, but these polls ensure anonymity and hence people are able to voice their true opinion.

Why different methods of conducting polls and surveys aren’t good enough

The two most popular methods of conducting polls are Google Forms and Paper Surveys. Ask yourself, what was the last time you were handed a questionnaire to be filled out with pen and you actually bothered to go through it? People are least interested in taking out time for filling forms with their hands. Even if you do decide to go ahead with the offline surveys aka paper forms, the documentation is going to be an extremely tedious task. Also, evaluating the results and presenting them in a manner that is easy to understand will probably require you to take the aid of computers and other digital tools which nullifies the purpose of going for offline methods in the first place.

If you decide to go ahead with Google Forms, remember that your users will be redirected to the portal to record their answers. When this happens, most of the people quit the page or forget to fill in the survey. You cannot go for a method which makes people drop out within the first five seconds.

The Ultimate Solution

In today’s date, Vemy is the perfect app to go for as it ensures that people get notified when there is a poll or a survey to be conducted. People receive a notification in the form of a text message which reminds them to voice their preference. According to research done, the organizations that have used Vemy to conduct polls have seen a 20% increase in employee involvement. The reason behind this increased participation is that Vemy is easy to use and hardly takes a few seconds to record your answer.


Take the following example into consideration-

An organization wants to decide where the next general meeting should be held on.


The figure below – Users receive a poll on Vemy and are able to input their preference by a single tap.

Figure below – Ease in comprehending the results

With the other methods of polls and surveys, it can get tiresome to comprehend the results. Admins use polls and surveys to make their lives easier and not tougher. They want to be able to consider everyone’s true opinion and then do what the majority asks. Vemy is perfect for these admins as it presents the data in the form of excel sheets which are extremely easy to understand.

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