Join “Daily Dose For Business Leaders” group today to receive exclusive contents to enhance your skills and improve the ways to deal with multiple stakeholders involved in your organization.

What kind of content is shared in this group? 

  • Top current affairs from around the globe
  • Book summaries
  • Content from world’s top leadership blogs such as from Michale Hyatt and John Maxwell

How is this group different from regular LinkedIn or WhatsApp group? 

  • Your identity is private and other members can’t approach you
  • Handpicked content is shared with you
  • There is no self-promotion or sales talk

Interested? Be a member with us today.

  1. Search for ‘Vemy’ in your app store to download the app. You can also use the following links to locate the app – Android users can click here and iOS users can click here
  2. When the app prompts for an organization code, please enter GC8725 and that’s it. Join miss out on all the great content. Join Today.
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