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    No Chatting, No noise – only messages that matter.

Engage your members like never before

Use Vemy as your platform to send reminders, messages, surveys, photos and much more. The employees receive all communications on their smartphone app in a fraction of a second. Don’t be left behind. Launch your smartphone app presence today with Vemy. Our promise is that we will make it simple for you and always be by your side

Stream your Meetings

Vemy integrates easily with Facebook Live and Youtube Live stream. Use these free services to broadcast your conference meetings. Your members can view the live stream on the smartphone app from anywhere. Members who missed the live-stream can always catch-up later as the videos are saved automatically

Connect with your members anytime, anywhere

With the Vemy smartphone app, we have helped tenants stay connected with the owners and strata management authorities no matter where they are. Tenants or Owners can receive updates within a few seconds. Many of the strata organizations using Vemy have started adding members from different geographies as well

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Communication made more effective and easy

Real Time Safety Alerts

Send real time safety alerts

Safety amendment policies

Get notified with the safety rule book and policies

Site inspections

Site inspections using integrated google maps

SOS alerts

Send an SOS alert to the site supervisors in one single click


Communicate with effective surveys with on site workers

Live Streaming

Engage your followers with streaming live videos of gospels


Engagement made effective and easy

Employee Orientation

On job training modules and workflows

On Job Training

Train your employees on the Job with workflows

Image & Video Gallery

Lets your workers and supervisors know about the real time status

Procedural Manuals

Share procedural manuals in form of Documents and Videos

Quality Assurance

Get quality assurance report is just a click away


Ready to use work flows to make your operations much more faster

On boarding

On boarding of new members made much more faster

Time Clock

Configure the work flow for Time in & Time out for worker on site using digital signature

Live Broadcasting

Setup your LIVE video broadcasting channel for FREE

Role Management

Manage Profiles of your Workers and Supervisors in just few clicks.

Safety Regulation workflows

Setup the safety regulation workflows and policies much more faster and easier

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