• Engage your community like never before.

    The one-stop platform for your church. Vemy is loved by pastors, ministries and members


Engage your members like never before

Use Vemy as your platform to send reminders, messages, surveys, photos and much more. The members receive all communications on their smartphone app in a fraction of a second. Don’t be left behind. Launch your smartphone app presence today with Vemy. Our promise is that we will make it simple for you and always be by your side.

Connect with your members anytime, anywhere. Go Global.

With the Vemy smartphone app, we have helped church members to be connected with their church, pastor and ministries no matter where they are. Members can join a live streaming session or watch previously recorded videos. Many of the churches using Vemy started adding members from different geographies and countries as well.

Live Stream your events

Vemy integrates easily with Facebook Live and Youtube Live stream. Use these free services to broadcast your event. Your audience can see the live stream on the smartphone app from anywhere. Members who missed the live-stream can always catch-up later as the videos are saved automatically.

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Engagement made effective and easy.

Real Time Notification

Send last minute alerts to team members in one single click

Group Messaging

Send messages to specific groups or ministries in one click

E – Newsletters

Go green with E – Newsletters

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media and make your content viral with your branding

Image & Video Gallery

Engage your users with your branded images and videos


Conduct Surveys for collaborative decisions


Ready to use work flows to make your operations much more faster

Volunteer Management

Setup your Volunteer management in just 2 clicks.

Members database

Vemy maintains a database of all your members that includes their name, contact number, email ids and locations.

Manage Ministries

Setup and manage different ministries with the role management

RSVP for volunteer services

Let the followers of your church volunteer for their services

Events & RSVP

Create events and manage RSVP. Automatic reminders for members to attend the event.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do you offer a Free plan? Is there a catch?

There is no catch. You can be on the free plan for as long as you like. If you do like exclusive features offered by the paid plans, you can upgrade anytime.

Do we need an IT infrastructure or an IT team to be able to use Vemy?

We have designed Vemy in a way that there is no need of a tech team to support. You don’t need to install any software nor do you need any specific servers or infrastructure. Vemy has a web based admin panel that can be accessed on any PC or Mac as long as you have an internet connection.

Can I start with Free plan and upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade anytime.

If I have a question about Vemy, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, our contact numbers and email ids are listed in the footer of this page. You can also use the chat window that you see on the bottom left of this page. When you go for the paid plan, you get a dedicated support staff assigned whom you can reach out to anytime.

Do my users pay anything when they download the app?

No, the app is free for users. They can download the app for FREE from the iOS appstore or Google playstore.

How do you provide trainings?

We provide webinar training every week for free plan users. If you are on the paid plan, you can schedule on-demand training anytime. You can nominate management, staff, volunteers or anyone else for the training. We do not charge for these trainings.

Do you provide guidance or support for setup and launching our app?

Vemy is very easy and intuitive to use and we have step by step guides available. If you need further support or have specific questions, we will support you over chat or emails. If you have a paid plan, you will have a dedicated number you can call to anytime. Also, we will help you with promoting your app to your users by email marketing, text messaging and designing flyers.