All of us know that being a church admin is no easy task. Handling a group of hundreds of people and getting the main message across despite hundreds of different conversations going on in the same group. Take the following example into consideration –


Sam is the admin of a group that caters to his church that he has put in years working for. Starting from few families, he has now guided hundreds of his members on the righteous path. He has a huge event tomorrow that will impart knowledge and enlighten all the followers in a big way, but sadly the venue had to be canceled the last minute. How does he ensure that everyone gets the message? How does he convey this message to all those people who are responsible for making the event a success timely?

Finding a solution

Even though there are a lot of mediums that allow you to impart necessary information, somehow all of them fall short when have to convey an important message. You are presented with a number of options- phone calls, text messages, emails and Whatsapp. Even though it seems as these can be the answer to your problem, every single one of them falls short somewhere or the other.

  • It is impractical to send a text message to hundreds of people. Not only is it extremely costly, it also takes up a lot of time.
  • You cannot call every single person. There is anyway a lot of work to be done especially in the case of last minute changes. Also, phone numbers change! How can you call over five hundred people when you hardly have any time?
  • If you do decide to go ahead with the option of sending an email, ask yourself – when was the last time that I checked my email? People hardly check their emails until and unless they are waiting for an important one.
  • Whatsapp surely seems like the ideal solution but if you have ever been a part of a WhatsApp group you know how constantly it keeps on buzzing with useless messages. Getting an important piece of information across when different people are having different conversations in the same group gets impossible.


The Perfect Solution

Vemy acts as your savior as it lets you get your message across without it getting lost.

If Sam wants to convey the message of the venue change to three hundred people, he can easily do so without having to worry about the expense or the time taken. His messages will be delivered in flat two seconds. He will have to send a different message to the group of volunteers, a different message to the group of people responsible for food, and a different message to the visitors. You can easily filter the messages as per subgroups.





















Fast, Free, and Targeted

Not only does Vemy deliver your information within two seconds, you can choose the number of people you want to impart the information to. As it is free, there is no limit on the number of messages you want to send to people. In Whatsapp, you are bound by the limitation of 256 members in a single group. In Vemy there is no limitation and you can filter the groups as per your convenience. Also, push notifications to do their task of notifying the users that an important piece of information has been delivered.

Vemy to your members means important messages – not memes

In all the other forms of communication, there can be data related to your work as well as other events. A good morning message or hundreds of memes in your group aren’t relevant to your work. You often tend to ignore the buzz of your phone as you believe it’ll just be another useless video. But as Vemy focuses on delivering important information instantaneously, you know it will be relevant. Why do you want to walk among sheep when you can stand out from the crowd? So go ahead, create your group on Vemy today for FREE. Visit to get started!

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