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    No Chatting, No noise – only messages that matter.

Are you looking to supercharge user engagement?

Your users could be your customers or your employees or your group members for example.

Vemy offers a simple user interface that can be used by the manager, admin or team representative to quickly and easily send messages to everyone or to select users, such as a sub-group. All messages are delivered in a fraction of seconds to the users via the smartphone app

Are existing solutions ineffective for you?

Do you face the following challenges?

Text messages – It is costly! Plus, you need to maintain the list of contact numbers.

Email – Low read percentage. Not effective for fast communication

Chat messenger (such as WhatsApp) – Important messages are lost in the noise of continuous chatting. Plus group chats require moderation.

If you are nodding your head, then we have good news and its called Vemy!

Vemy - communication platform built for large teams and organisations.

Here is what Vemy has to offer!

No Chatting & Complete Privacy

Vemy is a formal communication tool and doesn’t allow users to chat. Hence, no noise and no loss of important messages. Also, reduces the burden on admins to moderate the chat windows. Plus, Vemy doesn’t expose a user’s names and contact numbers to other users. Hence there is complete privacy.

All communication tools at one place

Vemy gives you much more than just sending simple text messages. You can send rich messages that include links, photos and videos. Share PDF documents or newsletters. Conduct polls/surveys with your users. You can even live stream your events!

Mobile Apps

Vemy offers iOS and Android apps for users to download and subscribe to your channel. Every time you send a message to your users, they receive an alert on the Vemy app – that means a much higher read percentage that email or other channels.

Portal for Admins

Admin portal – lets you manage your user information such as their name, contact numbers. Tag users to different groups. Send messages to all users or by groups. Create multiple admins with different levels of access.



Vemy has a Standard plan that is Free for everyone.

We do offer premium plans for for enterprises and larger organisations.


To know more, visit the detailed pricing page by clicking here

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